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The Eastern & Atlantic numbering system was developed by Howard White, similar to the classification system.

The first 1150 numbers were reserved for express passenger locomotives, while 1151-2500 were reserved for slower passenger locomotives. 2501-5300 were reserved for dual purpose locomotives. 5301-8000 were reserved for freight-only locomotives. 8001-8300 were reserved for bankers, 8301-8700 were reserved for Transfer locomotives, and 8701-9700 were reserved for switchers.


Class Numbers Notes
4F2v10f Class 250-499
4F2v20fa Class 640-714
4H4v12af Class 720-734
4D2p8 Class 1270-1364
2F2p6t Class 1600-1699
2H2p6w Class 1845-1864
4DF4p14dfa Class 1915-1919
4Fk7 Class 2750-2859
2H2k1U Class 3230-3355
2Jk18f Class 3400-3579
2J4k25fch Class 4000-4219
4DD4Ek6 Class 4236-4269
4HH4Ek9 Class 4500-4549
4HH4Ek9n Class 4550-4599
M3 Class 5871-6000
2JJ2m9yf Class 5970-5975
2J2m21f Class 6000-6089
DD(gs)m17o Class 6090-6144
2HHm11y Class 6145-6149
4J2m4 Class 6150-6173, 6175-6184 2 Runs
4HHHH4m19y Class 6174-6175
2F4m9t Class 6300-6399
4HJ4m16yfo Class 6400-6414
2FF4m18yf Class 6415-6429
4DF4l13df Class 6430-6484, 6600-6614 2 Runs
2Hm12U Class 6485-6514, 6615-6634 2 Runs
4FF4Em10 Class 6570-6599
4N6m19f Class 6600-6634
4FFFFF4l37i Class 6940-6949
H22FF22Hb8r Class 8215-8218
FFe5y Class 8345-8409
HHe9y Class 8410-8450
HHs10y Class 8900-8915
Ls7 Class 9200-9224

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