The 2J2m21f Class is a class of 2-10-2 freight locomotives designed by Reginald Thornton at the Eastern & Atlantic's Trenton Works.


In the mid 1920's, the E&A's freight power around Virginia was beginning to show it's age, mainly made up of old ten and twelve-wheelers. Thus, a new ten-drivered locomotive was needed, and Reginald Thornton decided that the 2-10-2 wheel arrangement was good for the new heavy freight work. 

The design featured a prominent Coffin Feedwater heater, it being an experimental arrangement that wasn't repeated on many locomotives, though theree were certainly a few classes. The 2-10-2's were sent to freight work around Richmond and Columbia, but did not go into the mountains as much as some would have liked, not having enough power to haul trains up the heavy grades. 90 were built between 1925 and 1928. 

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